Rapid assessment of child labour in waste-picking in Pakistan

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Rapid assessment of child labour in waste-picking in Pakistan

This Rapid Assessment examines children’s involvement in waste-picking activities within Pakistan. Conducted under the auspices of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Asia Regional Child Labour (ARC) Project, this assessment illuminates the factors driving children’s involvement in waste-picking, their socio-demographic backgrounds, their working conditions, the risks they encounter, and the consequences these circumstances impose on them.

The findings are a composite of secondary data acquired through an extensive desk review and primary data garnered through a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods in 12 selected districts spanning Pakistan’s four provinces and Islamabad Capital Territory. A total of 300 children (25 from each chosen district) underwent surveys, while 104 children took part in focus group discussions. The research procedure also entailed direct observation of the children’s work settings, the assembly of eight case studies, and 80 interviews with key informants. These informants encompassed the children’s parents, owners of recycling facilities, waste buyers and sellers, government officials representing Departments of Labour and Human Resource Development, Social Welfare representatives, child protection authorities, law enforcement agencies, and civil society organizations.

Based on its findings, the assessment offers recommendations to assist the Government of Pakistan, UN agencies, development partners, employers and civil society organizations to develop action programmes to address children’s engagement in waste-picking nationwide.

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Acknowledgement: ILO Pakistan

Ref ISBN: 9789220386569

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