Message from the Chairperson- NCRC

The State of Children in Pakistan is a comprehensive digital portal designed to serve as a knowledge hub of resources for all stakeholders involved in child rights. This platform serves as a repository of resources including data, reports, articles, research studies, national/international legal & policy frameworks and latest developments related to child rights.

In Pakistan, the landscape of child rights is multifaceted and evolving. Despite significant progress, one of the most pressing challenges we face is the lack of comprehensive, reliable data on various aspects of child rights. This gap often limits our ability to understand the scope of the issues at hand and to craft effective policies and programmes. Considering the lack of information, there is a critical need for a centralized source of accurate, up-to-date information to guide our efforts.

The launch of State of Children in Pakistan portal is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to upholding the rights of children in Pakistan. This portal will serve as a central hub for empowering policymakers, researchers and practitioners to make evidence-based decisions and scientific interventions that directly impact the lives of children.

The portal offers both primary and secondary data, along with research publications from national and international NGOs, civil society, think tanks, as well as federal and provincial governments.

The launch of this portal is a step in the right direction, and we believe that by empowering stakeholders with the right information, we can drive meaningful change and improve the lives of countless children across the country. I invite you to explore this portal and utilize it as a resource to inform your work and contribute to advancing child rights.

Warm regards,

Ayesha Raza Farooq
Chairperson, National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC)

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