Child Protection & Social Protection

Social Welfare, Women Development, Human & Child Rights and Youth Affairs Department

The Department holds a broad mandate encompassing various aspects of social welfare, women development, including human rights, child rights and youth affairs. However, within this expansive framework, a significant focus lies on safeguarding the rights and well-being of children across the region. The department is mandated to review policies, laws, and administrative measures pertaining to child protection, as well as to regulate child protection services. Furthermore, it is making efforts to establish robust case management and referral systems across Gilgit Baltistan. Through the implementation of child protection referral management systems, helpline management, social welfare programs and awareness campaigns,  the department is responsible for the welfare of children and their families within the region.

Industries, Minerals, Commerce and Labour Department

The Industries, Minerals, Commerce, and Labour Department in Gilgit-Baltistan has a mandate to foster economic development, regulating industrial activities, promoting commerce, managing mineral resources, and overseeing labour-related matters within the region. This department is tasked with formulating policies, regulations, and strategies to facilitate industrial growth, attract investments, and create employment opportunities. Moreover, it addresses labor-related issues by implementing labour laws, ensuring workplace safety standards, and promoting workers’ rights and welfare, including children engaged in labour.

Gilgit-Baltistan Police (GB Police)

The Gilgit-Baltistan Police serves as the primary law enforcement agency in the region, tasked with maintaining public safety, enforcing laws, and preventing crime. In the realm of child protection, the police play a critical role in safeguarding children from various forms of abuse and exploitation and respond to cases of child abuse by conducting investigations, and apprehending perpetrators. Additionally, those children who come in conflict with the law, the GB Police are responsible for ensuring their rights are upheld, providing them with appropriate support and guidance, and facilitating their rehabilitation and reintegration into society through the implementation of Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018. 

Gilgit-Baltistan Rural Support Programme (GBRSP)

Established in 2012 by the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan (GoGB) as a Government Public Sector Company, the Gilgit-Baltistan Rural Support Programme (GBRSP) commenced formal operations in 2016 following an endowment from GoGB. GBRSP focuses on poverty alleviation in rural Gilgit-Baltistan, aiming to empower local communities by mobilizing them and enhancing their capacity to identify and address their own developmental priorities. Through its mandate emphasizing poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods, and social development, GBRSP plays a vital role in uplifting rural residents and facilitating their holistic development.

Local Government and Rural Development Department

The Local Government and Rural Development Department in Gilgit Baltistan holds a multifaceted mandate aimed at fostering effective governance and sustainable development in the region. This entails facilitating the establishment and functioning of local government bodies, promoting community empowerment, and managing resources for rural development initiatives. Additionally, the department oversees the vital function of birth registration. 

Law and Prosecution Department

The Law and Prosecution Department in Gilgit Baltistan  is tasked with providing legal advice, drafting legislation, and representing the government in legal proceedings. Additionally, it oversees prosecution services, ensuring fair trials and seeking justice for victims of crime.

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Education Department

The Education Department- Gilgit Baltistan is tasked with ensuring equitable access to quality education for all residents of the region. Its mandate encompasses various responsibilities, including formulating education policies, developing curriculum standards, and overseeing the administration of educational institutions. Additionally, the department is responsible for teacher training, school infrastructure development, and the implementation of education-related initiatives aimed at improving learning outcomes and promoting educational excellence.

Directorate of Technical Education and Skills Development

The Directorate of Technical Education and Skills Development in Gilgit Baltistan is responsible for overseeing technical and vocational education and training initiatives in the region. The Directorate is responsible for the development of technical education policies, curriculum design and also facilitates the establishment and management of technical training centers and institutes, conducts assessments, and provides certification to validate skills acquired through training programs.


Health Department

The Health Department is tasked with ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all residents. Its mandate includes the provision of primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare, disease prevention and control, health promotion, and the management of healthcare facilities. Concerning children, the Health Department focuses on promoting child health through immunizations, maternal and child health programs, nutrition initiatives, and disease prevention efforts tailored to the unique needs of children, ensuring their holistic well-being.


Soni Jawari Center for Public Policy

The Soni Jawari Center for Public Policy established by Government of GB to advancing public policy research and analysis in Gilgit Baltistan. Its activities include conducting policy research on various socio-economic issues, analyzing government policies and programs, organizing seminars and workshops to promote dialogue on policy matters, and providing recommendations to the GB Government to inform evidence-based decision-making.

Information Department

The Information Department in Gilgit Baltistan serves as a vital link between the GB government, media, and the public, playing a central role in disseminating official information, news, and updates to the populace. Its mandate includes various responsibilities, including managing government communication channels, coordinating media relations, and facilitating public outreach initiatives.

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Oversight and Monitoring Agencies

Child Protection Commission

The Child Protection Commission in Gilgit Baltistan is tasked with advising the government on policy, legislation, and regulatory matters related to child protection, including the coordination and implementation of the GB Child Protection Act of 2017. Additionally, the commission monitors compliance with international treaties concerning child rights and protection within the region.

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Gilgit-Baltistan Coordination Committee on Child Labour (GB-CCCL)

The GB-CCCL, established under Section 5 of the Gilgit-Baltistan Prohibition of Employment of Children Act (GB-PECA) 2019, advises the GoGB on appropriate legislative, administrative and other measures for the eradication of child labour.

Joint Working Group on Child Labour (JWGCL)

Led by the P&D Department, comprising representatives from various departments, civil society organisations, international bodies such as UNICEF, and experts, JWGCL  advise on policy implementation, development of strategic framework and costed action plans for the eradication on child labour, coordinate implementation efforts, and provide strategic recommendations to the GB-CCCL to effectively combat child labour in the region.  

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