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Do you have an interest in supporting children's rights?

There are various ways in which people and organisations can support children’s rights work in Pakistan. In particular, The State of Children in Pakistan offers one way to get involved, e.g.

Educate yourself and others: One of the best ways to advocate for children’s rights is to educate yourself and others about them. You can also educate others by sharing information about children’s rights on social media, at your workplace or in the community.

Review and Share your Feedback: Please give us your feedback on the content and let us know if important information or recommendations need to be included. The website is visited by hundreds of people and your contribution can make a big difference. This can be done through Submission Form or by sending email to

Share Updates/ Developments: Please share with us important case laws, judgements, research findings, and developments on children’s rights in Pakistan. Please share best practices from around the world that could be adopted in Pakistan.

Support Research: There are many areas where the knowledge base on child rights and child protection is indequate. You can support the government, partner with OBUN2 and other civil society organisations to conduct research.

And also, you can directly support children, child welfare organisations, government institutions, NHRIs working for children in Pakistan.

For any questions, please contact us.


The objective of this portal is to provide authentic information on the issues and challenges faced by children in Pakistan, especially to key stakeholders on the impact and magnitude of the problem, institutional arrangements and recommendations for action. >>more


“The State of Children in Pakistan” is work in progress and the beta version has been released for testing purposes to get feedback on structure, layout and content.

Content Review and submission

We welcome and encourage you to review the content and provide feedback to help us correct errors, add useful information, provide updated information and further improve the recommendations. In addition, you are welcome to share with us articles, research, publications, case law, and other useful developments that fit the objective of the portal. Please share your feedback through feedback form 0r email us at

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