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There are different helplines offered by government and non-governmental organisations offering different services for children in Pakistan.


A 1099 Helpline has been established by the Federal Ministry of Human Rights, and offers advice on human rights violations, and to facilitate and link relevant support services and to establish grievance-redressal mechanism of human rights violations.


Child Helplines with 1121 number have been setup by Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in Punjab, Sindh Child Protection Authority in Sindh and KP Child Protection and Welfare Commission in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These helplines provide provides assistance and support to children subjected to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect as well as cases of missing children be reported.


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is responsible for investigating cyber crimes. If you want to report a cyber crime, you can contact the FIA’s cyber crime reporting helpline at 1991. You can also report cyber crimes online using the FIA’s online reporting form. If you are a victim of a cyber crime, it is important to report it as soon as possible so that the authorities can take action to investigate and stop the crime.


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) operates helpline number 111-345-786  that you can call to contact the FIA to report corruption, human trafficking and smuggling, counter terrorism and economic crime.


The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) is a Pakistani non-profit organization that works to promote and protect digital rights in the country. It provides a helpline (0800-39393) that people can call to report online harassment and abuse, as well as to seek legal assistance and support in cases of digital rights violations.


Roshni helpline is on a mission to find missing children and to reunite them with their families.


Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL) provides non-judgmental and confidential space to young people, women and children where they can call and share their concerns related to emotional, sexual and reproductive health, Violence Against Women (VAW) and girls and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

0800 00123

You can report a case of sexual assault to the AGHS Crisis Hotline 0800 00123 and be connected to the appropriate services and resources. AGHS also provides free legal representation for women and children in cases of abuse.

0800 70806

Sindh Legal Advisory Call Center runs this helpline to provides free legal advice and referrals to legal aid, mental health, and domestic violence for people all over Pakistan.


Women Development Department of Sindh runs a helpline number 1094 for women to register their complaints who are subjected to domestic violence and gender discrimination.


Managed and supervised by Punjab Commission for the Status of Women, address inquiries and complaints on gender discrimination, domestic violence, workplace harassment, property disputes and inheritance rights, hostels, day-care centers and other facilities for working women, various economic and social issues, etc.


Under the command of DIG Security & Emergency Services Division (PS&ESD), Madadgar-15 Call Centre serves as a nerve center for attending emergency calls to provide quick and timely emergency response to the citizens of Karachi for missing persons complaints, Police Complaints (Non Registration of FIRs),Legal Aid, dacoity/ theft & other Crime Complaints, etc.


1166, Sehat Tahaffuz helpline,  established to improve community perceptions about polio and immunisations through direct engagement with the public and help identify any challenges related to the polio campaign. Helpline staff deal with questions about polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases. They also address concerns over missed children and any complaints about vaccine services. The scope of the helpline was broadened in Feb 2020 to respond to COVID and other health related concerns. 

Zainab Alert on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

The Ministry of Human Rights launched the”Zainab Alert” on the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal in an effort to unify and strengthen efforts to track and trace missing children and child abuse cases in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Citizen Portal can be downloaded on mobile app or Website can be accessed to register the missing child case.


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