child labour in Pakistan

child labour in auto industry in Pakistan

Rapid assessment of child labour in automobile repair workshops in Pakistan

This Rapid Assessment examines child labour at automobile repair workshops in Pakistan, with a view to providing updated information on its magnitude, identifying factors that push children into this form of child labour and reviewing national efforts to address the phenomenon. Based on its findings, it offers recommendations for policy design, implementation and action by stakeholders to eliminate and prevent…
Scoping Study: Child Domestic Labour

Child Labour in Domestic Work in Pakistan

The International Labour Organization (ILO) conducted a qualitative study on child labour in the Pakistani domestic work sector as part of the Asia Regional Child Labour (ARC) Project. The study examined the lives of these children engaged in domestic work and looked at micro-level “push” factors such as social support,…
Rapid assessment of child labour in waste-picking in Pakistan

Rapid assessment of child labour in waste-picking in Pakistan

This Rapid Assessment examines children’s involvement in waste-picking activities within Pakistan. Conducted under the auspices of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Asia Regional Child Labour (ARC) Project, this assessment illuminates the factors driving children’s involvement in waste-picking, their socio-demographic backgrounds, their working conditions, the risks they encounter, and the consequences…

Movie on the Life of Iqbal Masih

Director Shoaib Sultan surprised many by announcing a new film titled “Gunjal,” which focuses on a genre that is rarely explored in Pakistan. While audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of upcoming light-hearted comedy Eid films, Gunjal revisits the murder of child activist Iqbal Masih in 1990s Pakistan. The film…
GB Child Labour Survey 2019-19

Gilgit-Baltistan Child Labour Survey 2018-19

The Gilgit Baltistan Child Labour Survey 2018-2019 is the first child labour survey conducted in the territory of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It was conducted as part of a nationwide survey intended to cover all provinces and territories. It addresses the prevalence of child labour in the region, the causes…

Mathew | A Short Film

Mathew is an Urdu language short film whose story revolves around Iqbal Mathew, a 12-year-old house help. The film depicts the issue of inequality between different social classes and that how even relatively moderate and educated families can end up discriminating against and violating the equal citizenry rights of the…

Permitted age for employment of children as domestic workers

Do you know what the minimum age is for children in the different provinces of Pakistan to be employed as domestic workers? Child labour is a provincial subject in Pakistan after the 18th Constitutional Amendment in 2010. The 18th Constitutional Amendment devolved the issue of labour and employment to the…


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