Child Labour in Domestic Work in Pakistan

A scoping Study

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Scoping Study: Child Domestic Labour

The International Labour Organization (ILO) conducted a qualitative study on child labour in the Pakistani domestic work sector as part of the Asia Regional Child Labour (ARC) Project1.

The study examined the lives of these children engaged in domestic work and looked at micro-level “push” factors such as social support, the home environment and children’s and parents’ attitudes towards child labour. At the meso level, the study identified “pull” factors such as working conditions, exposure to hazards, violence and abuse, remuneration and payment arrangements, school attendance, family support and neighbourhood. At the macro level, the study analysed policies, laws and programmes related to national and sub-national measures against child labour in households.

Based on these findings, the study recommended priority areas for addressing child labour in domestic work in Pakistan, including legislative and non-legislative measures.

The study was funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the United Kingdom with the aim of reducing children’s vulnerability to child labour and protecting them from exploitation.

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9789220373071 (Print)[ISBN]
9789220373088 (Web PDF)[ISBN]


1. ILO. (2022). Child Labour in Domestic Work in Pakistan: A Scoping Study (First Edition). 9789220373071.

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