From Javed Iqbal to Kukri: A Filmmaker’s Journey to Bring a Serial Killer’s Story to the Big Screen

Movie on the Life of Javed Iqbal

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movie on the life of javed iqbal

The filmmaker behind Yasir Hussain and Ayesha Omar’s film on Javed Iqbal, Pakistan’s most infamous murderer, recently changed the film’s name to Kurki and resubmitted it to the censor board for approval. The director, Abu Aleeha, made the necessary changes to the film and announced that it has been cleared by the censor board for release on May 19th. The director explained that the new name was based on Javed Iqbal’s nickname, derived from his sitting style. Aleeha previously attempted to release the film independently, but without a proper distributor, the effort was unsuccessful. Therefore, he collaborated with Eveready Pictures, a credible distributor in Pakistan, and resubmitted the film through them. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the federal censor board reviewed the film and suggested changing the film’s name from Javed Iqbal to avoid glorifying the character. Additionally, they requested a message be added at the end of the film to clarify the director’s intent to not glorify Javed Iqbal or his crimes. The director agreed to these changes in the hopes of securing permission to screen the film in cinemas.

Javed Iqbal is one of the country’s most notorious and reviled criminals. Javed Iqbal was a serial killer who confessed to the murders of 100 young boys in Lahore, Pakistan in 1999. He was sentenced to death for his crimes and was found dead in his jail cell in 2001, in what was ruled a suicide by hanging. Despite the horrific nature of his crimes, Javed Iqbal’s case has garnered significant attention in Pakistan and beyond due to its gruesome details and the shock it caused in the country.

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