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Exploring Reproductive Health Rights: What You Need to Know

As women, many of us have navigated through the uncomfortable changes of puberty with an incomplete understanding of their implications and faced challenging pregnancies without adequate information or healthcare. Our experiences vary based on geographical location, income, and ethnicity. Yet, a shared absence of a rights-based discourse on

Neonatal Healthcare

The recent imposition of an 18% general sales tax (GST) on formula milk is a matter of considerable concern. The price of formula milk, already a significant expense for many families, will put additional financial strain on households, especially those with limited incomes. This policy decision is particularly

Dyslexia Children Struggle through Academics

For a society which obsesses over rearing the perfect child, children faring poorly in academics are consistently shunned for not working hard enough, irrespective of whether their under-par scholastic performance is the direct result of an irregular study routine or a congenital learning difficulty like dyslexia. According to

Pakistan Economic Survey 2023-24

The Pakistan Economic Survey is an annual publication by the Ministry of Finance that offers a comprehensive review of the country’s economic performance over the past fiscal year. It covers a wide range of topics, including GDP growth, sectoral contributions, fiscal and monetary developments, trade and balance of

A Compilation of Food and Nutrition Laws in Pakistan

The report “A Compilation of Food and Nutrition Laws in Pakistan” is a comprehensive compilation of federal and provincial laws in Pakistan related to food and nutrition to raise awareness among the general public about these laws and their implications. The report includes a wide range of laws,

Fistula and child marriages

Seema’s battle with fistula unveils the tragedy of early marriage, urging society to confront the intertwined dangers of child marriage and women’s health crises. Seema, a resident of Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan, received the title, ‘Woman of the Year’, not for her achievements, but for a fate imposed

Floods pour cold water over Pakistans dream to become malaria-free

ISLAMABAD: While World Malaria Day was observed under a global theme, ‘Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world’ on 25 April 2024, Pakistan has committed to controlling the mosquito-borne disease, hoping to ‘become malaria free by 2035’. Once, Pakistan was eying the status of a

Sehat Sahulat vs. Universal Health Coverage

SEHAT Sahulat is a great programme but universal health coverage has a much larger vision. Sehat Sahulat is a state-financed health insurance system for the curative care of hospitalised patients, whereas UHC means healthcare for all. After the universalisation of the Sehat Sahulat programme in the federal areas,

Autism and SDGs

The 2024 observance of World Autism Day is aligned with the implementation status and progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition representing human evolution and neurodiversity among all world populations. The SDGs are universally agreed goals adopted in 2015 by the UN to bridge

Educational Exclusion of Children with Special Needs

The report “Educational Exclusion of Children with Special Needs” published by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) examines the challenges faced by children with special needs in accessing quality education in Pakistan using data from the Pakistan Social Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) 2019-20. It analyzes the various

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