The State of Children in Pakistan

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The state of children in Pakistan is a complex issue that is affected by a variety of factors. Many children in Pakistan face significant challenges.

“The State of Children in Pakistan” report profiles the state of child rights and conditions of children in Pakistan, nationally, provincially and special areas/ territories, based mainly on data available from the government departments. Published in Year 2015 by Wafaqi Mohtasib (Federal Ombudsman), this report was an update of the previous report published in June 2012.

The key objective of this research is to posit workable recommendations for policy makers to improve the state of
th child rights in the light of 18 Constitutional Amendment, that award greater autonomy to the provinces.

The following issues were given priority in this report: (i) Political-socio-economic context that affects children’s rights in Pakistan; (ii) Review government policies and legal frameworks; (iii) Describe the condition of children in
Pakistan, with a focus on some of the important issues (education, health, child labour and juvenile justice); (iv) A
provincial picture of roles and responsibilities; (v) Underlying causes of the current condition of children; (vi)
Workable recommendations for concerned federal and provincial governments and non-government bodies.

Read the Full Report on The State of Children in Pakistan.

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