Principal held for sexually assaulting female student

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Police have arrested the principal of a private school in Orangi Town for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a matriculation student and beating her when she resisted.

According to details, the incident occurred within the jurisdiction of Iqbal Market Police Station.

The principal allegedly took the student into his office, made inappropriate advances, and attempted to assault her. When the student resisted, the principal reportedly subjected her to physical violence. The victim informed her sister about the incident upon returning home.

Her sister then filed a written complaint at Iqbal Market Police Station, leading to the registration of a case.

According to the victim’s sister, the principal had previously sent inappropriate messages on WhatsApp and on June 1, called the student to his office, where he attempted to assault her.

He also threatened her with severe consequences if she disclosed the incident.

Following the registration of the case, police have arrested the principal and initiated an investigation.

Acknowledgement: News published in the express tribune on 12 June 2024

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