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Unveiling Deepfakes

Laila* first met Adeel* at a fine dining restaurant along the coastline of Karachi city, after eight months of online dating on Instagram. She was then 20, he 21. The two talked for hours as the golden sun set, meeting the horizon of the sea. Laila described Adeel

Cruel Numbers 2023

Sahil’s annual report ‘Cruel Numbers 2023’ provides detailed analysis of child abuse cases reported in Pakistani media throughout the year. The report aims to document the scale of child sexual abuse (CSA) and other forms of violence against children to raise awareness and inform legal reform efforts. Key

Combatting human trafficking

Human trafficking in Pakistan is a severe and multifaceted problem that has affected countless individuals, particularly women and girls, coerced into exploitative labour or sexual servitude under the false pretences of better opportunities. The issue presents a dire humanitarian crisis, as it inflicts immeasurable suffering upon its victims

Federal Sexual Violence Response Framework

The “Federal Sexual Violence Response Framework” (FSVRF) is a comprehensive compendium that outlines primary, secondary, and tertiary responses to incidents of sexual violence. This unique framework provides concrete actions for relevant government functionaries and civil society organizations, covering prevention, victim protection, prosecution of sexual offenses, and victim rehabilitation.

Accountability for Rape: A Case Study of Lodhran

Rape remains a persistent problem in Punjab, with an upward trend in reported cases between 2015 and 2016. However, despite increased reporting, conviction rates remain low, with nearly 96% of accused individuals being acquitted in 2016 and 2017. This study aims to identify the challenges faced by victims/complainants

Cruel Numbers 2022

Sahil’s ‘Cruel Numbers Report 2022’ compiles statistics on child abuse cases in Pakistan. From January to December 2022, data was collected from 81 national and regional newspapers to track incidents of Child Sexual Abuse, Abduction, Missing Children, and Child Marriages. The report reveals that a total of 4253

Bystander Behaviour on CSA

Child sexual abuse is prevalent worldwide. Several studies have been conducted to identify the traits common to those who perpetrate it, but results indicate that the latter come from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, gender, religions and literacy levels. While some may have a condition called paedophilia, which is

SPARC State of Pakistan’s Children Report

“State of Children Report” is an annual publication produced by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), a non-governmental organization based in Pakistan. The report provides information on the situation of children in the country, covering various aspects such as health, education, violence

Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan

The Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan, published by UNICEF Pakistan, considers the progress made in recent years and outlines issues to be considered in policy-making to strengthen the realisation of children’s rights. While taking stock of progress in Pakistan, it also identifies gaps and priorities for government-led

The State of Children in Pakistan

The state of children in Pakistan is a complex issue that is affected by a variety of factors. Many children in Pakistan face significant challenges. “The State of Children in Pakistan” report profiles the state of child rights and conditions of children in Pakistan, nationally, provincially and special


The objective of this portal is to provide authentic information on the issues and challenges faced by children in Pakistan, especially to key stakeholders on the impact and magnitude of the problem, institutional arrangements and recommendations for action. >>more


“The State of Children in Pakistan” is work in progress and the beta version has been released for testing purposes to get feedback on structure, layout and content.

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