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Diagnostic Study of Nikkahnamas in Punjab

This report is a comprehensive research study, conducted by the Centre for Human Rights and Musawi Private Limited, in collaboration with the National Commission for Human Rights and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative to evaluate the current state of women’s marriage rights in Punjab. With

Costing Study on Child Marriage in Pakistan

The eradication of child marriage is an important and acknowledged challenge for global policy. A child marriage is defined as a marriage or union of a girl or boy under the age of 18 (UNICEF, 2017). Whereas child marriage is a human rights violation and affects both genders,

Strategic Litigation Report: Women’s Marriage Rights in Pakistan

In a joint initiative, the Centre for Human Rights and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative partnered with Axis Law Chambers to produce a comprehensive report. The Strategic Litigation Report delves into federal and provincial legislation, as well as judicial precedents, pertaining to marriage rights and

Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 and Jinnah

The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 was drafted by Quaid-i-Azam- Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Father of the Nation) and introduced by a Hindu, Rai Haridas Sarda, and is also known as the Sarda Bill. Jinnah was very concerned about the widespread child marriage in British India, which he considered

Child marriage and religion

Enactment and enforcement of legislation against child marriage has repeatedly run into resistance that claims religious authority. Overcoming this resistance will require a wider intellectual engagement with the foundations and structure of religious thought. Consider. The latest report on Pakistan, based on figures contained in the Unicef database

SPARC State of Pakistan’s Children Report

“State of Children Report” is an annual publication produced by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), a non-governmental organization based in Pakistan. The report provides information on the situation of children in the country, covering various aspects such as health, education, violence

Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan

The Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan, published by UNICEF Pakistan, considers the progress made in recent years and outlines issues to be considered in policy-making to strengthen the realisation of children’s rights. While taking stock of progress in Pakistan, it also identifies gaps and priorities for government-led

The State of Children in Pakistan

The state of children in Pakistan is a complex issue that is affected by a variety of factors. Many children in Pakistan face significant challenges. “The State of Children in Pakistan” report profiles the state of child rights and conditions of children in Pakistan, nationally, provincially and special


The objective of this portal is to provide authentic information on the issues and challenges faced by children in Pakistan, especially to key stakeholders on the impact and magnitude of the problem, institutional arrangements and recommendations for action. >>more


“The State of Children in Pakistan” is work in progress and the beta version has been released for testing purposes to get feedback on structure, layout and content.

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