Concept and Types of Street Children

Who are Street Children?

It is a heartbreaking sight to see children begging, selling trinkets and working in the streets of Pakistan. Their ragged clothes, unkempt hair and sunburnt faces reveal the harsh reality of their lives. Street children are defined as “children of all ages who live and work in the streets and are not adequately protected or supervised” This includes both children who are homeless and those who have a home but spend a significant amount of time on the streets.

Types and Categories of Street Children

UNICEF’s definition includes three different categories:

  • children ‘of’ the street (street-living children), who sleep in public places without their families
  • children ‘on’ the street (street working children), who work on the streets during the day and return to their family home to sleep, and
  • street-family children who live with their family on the street.


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