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Minors for sale

THE curse of human trade has a doubly odious form child trafficking. Pakistan, too, is haunted by this ugly reality: its minors, boys and girls, have often been treated as commodities in this repellant business. It is in this context that the recent arrest of rights activist Sarim

State of Human Rights in 2023

“State of Human Rights in 2023” is a report of Human Right Commission of Pakistan which provides a comprehensive overview of the human rights situation in Pakistan during the specified year at federal and provincial levels. The report highlights various issues such as violations of freedom of expression,

Modern Slavery: Trafficking in women and girls in Pakistan

“Modern Slavery: Trafficking in women and girls in Pakistan” is a publication by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) which explores the issue of trafficking in persons, specifically focusing on women and girls, within the context of modern slavery in Pakistan. It examines the existing legal and

Human Trafficking in Pakistan

HUMAN traders feed off economic distress; they peddle promises of a better life to the impoverished who, mired in monetary discontent and absence of opportunities, are forced into scenarios that put their safety in peril. The recent horror show of trafficking saw smugglers cash in on Pakistani immigrants,

Combatting human trafficking

Human trafficking in Pakistan is a severe and multifaceted problem that has affected countless individuals, particularly women and girls, coerced into exploitative labour or sexual servitude under the false pretences of better opportunities. The issue presents a dire humanitarian crisis, as it inflicts immeasurable suffering upon its victims

Policy Brief on Child Trafficking

This report represents a state-of-the-art legislative/policy framework on the issue of child trafficking in Pakistan including recommendations for its effective improvement/implementation. It is published by National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) with the support of UNICEF. Read Policy Briefing on Child Trafficking

Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan

The Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan, published by UNICEF Pakistan, considers the progress made in recent years and outlines issues to be considered in policy-making to strengthen the realisation of children’s rights. While taking stock of progress in Pakistan, it also identifies gaps and priorities for government-led

The State of Children in Pakistan

The state of children in Pakistan is a complex issue that is affected by a variety of factors. Many children in Pakistan face significant challenges. “The State of Children in Pakistan” report profiles the state of child rights and conditions of children in Pakistan, nationally, provincially and special

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