SPARC State of Pakistan’s Children Report

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“State of Children Report” is an annual publication produced by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), a non-governmental organization based in Pakistan. The report provides information on the situation of children in the country, covering various aspects such as health, education, violence against children, juvenile justice system, etc. The report is widely cited by government officials, policy makers, media, and other stakeholders, and serves as an important advocacy tool for promoting child rights in Pakistan.

State of Pakistan’s Children 2020

Please click on the links below to read by section

>> Introduction

>> Child Labour

>> Education

>>  Violence against Children

>>  Child Health and Nutrition

>>  Juvenile Justice System

>>  Voices of Children

State of Pakistan’s Children 2019

Please click on the links below to read by section

>>    Introduction

>>    Child Labour

>>    Education

>>    Violence against Children

>>    Child Health and Nutrition

>>    Juvenile Justice System

>>    Voices of Children


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