Islamabad’s School Revamp

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The Caretaker Minister for Education, Madad Ali Sindhi, visited the newly revamped F-6/3 school in Islamabad  on 18 Dec 2023 and instructed the ministry to replicate the transformation in 20 additional schools within six weeks. This school recently underwent a modernization process, transitioning into a blended learning hub, thanks to support from a non-governmental organization.

Praising the collaborative effort behind the F-6/3 school’s enhancements, the minister highlighted the significant improvements and urged for a similar upgrade in 20 government primary schools across Islamabad. Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, a BS-21 officer from the Pakistan Administrative Service and a key figure from the Rupani Foundation, played a pivotal role in upgrading the school.

Wani, now a special secretary in the Ministry of Education, briefed the minister during the visit, ensuring that 20 more schools would witness upgrades within six months. Notably, a substantial budget of Rs2.15 billion had been allocated for the fiscal year 2023-24 to uplift schools under the Federal Directorate of Education, aiming to provide essential amenities and facilities.

The Ministry of Education’s ongoing project encompasses the provision of fundamental resources in educational institutions, including the construction of classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, libraries, and sanitation facilities. Mr. Wani confirmed plans to transform 20 more dilapidated schools into blended learning centers, clarifying that the ministry would finance the initiative independently.

Acknowledgement: Daily Dawn

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