Prevalence of Street Children in Pakistan

The prevalence of street children in Pakistan is a significant issue, with indications that it is a growing problem driven by various socio-economic factors. The often-quoted figure of 1.5 million street children, however, is based on estimates from several years ago and may not be entirely accurate today. The lack of an authentic national or provincial survey to gauge the current prevalence of street children further complicates efforts to address this issue comprehensively.

Street children in Pakistan engage in a range of activities, making it challenging to obtain precise data. Many street children are part of the larger group of out-of-school children. This includes children who are economically displaced, migrant children, and those affected by disasters. A significant number of street children are involved in child labor and child beggary, particularly in urban centers and big cities where exploitation is rampant. The issue of child beggary is especially prevalent in urban areas, with numerous children being exploited by gangs and forced to beg and/or by their parents as well.

Despite that the exact number of street children in Pakistan is unknown due to the lack of data, it is clear that they represent one of the most vulnerable groups in society.


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