case of rape and murder

Over 4,200 children sexually abused in 2023, says Sahil

ISLAMABAD: The data compiled by Sahil shows that 11 children were abused every day in 2023, with mostly acquaintances and relatives involved in the heinous act. The statistics were reported in ‘Cruel Numbers 2023,’ a signature publication of Sahil, an NGO working for the welfare of children, launched on 29 Feb 2024 with the support of the National Commission for…

Situation Analysis of Child Labour in Punjab

“Situation Analysis of Child Labour in Punjab” is a report by SFJPK which provides a concise overview of the situation analysis of child labour in Punjab. Punjab, the most populous province in Pakistan, faces significant challenges in addressing child labour. The Punjab Child Labour Survey (PCLS) 2019-2020 revealed that child…

Cruel Numbers 2023

Sahil’s annual report ‘Cruel Numbers 2023’ provides detailed analysis of child abuse…

LHC asks FIA to handle torture, death and rape cases in custody

LAHORE: Taking exception to the non-implementation of `The Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention and Punishment) Act, 2022`, the Lahore High Court has ordered the immediate transfer of all cases under investigation of custodial torture, death, or rape to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). `The failure to implement a law due…


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